Gaming Against The Hostile Environment is an event to raise money for various grassroots communities fighting the Hostile Environment in the UK

About Us

Started by Fae (a longtime refugee rights organiser) and Zoë (works in the games industry) but since grown to a collective of 9 participating Gamers, GATHE is an engaging way to raise awareness about the hostile environment policies against refugees, asylum seekers and to raise urgent funds for grassroots organisations that support those affected by those policies.


We've raised £10,377 so far, and we want to keep going.

Organisations Supported

In 2020, grassroots organisations were hit particularly hard as many of their standard methods of fundraising were cut off due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


At the same time the treatment and reception of asylum seeking people in the UK reached new, shocking lows forcing increasing numbers of people to live in inhumane and precarious conditions.

Countless grassroots and community groups, charities and individuals are continuously struggling against the effect of this hostile environment - and GATHE set out to support them in their important and invaluable work.

Our first fundraiser saw us raise £2,732 before crowdfunder fees which was split between 3 organisations.



In 2021 we managed to secure additional corporate donations thanks to our fundraisers, resulting in a total of £7,645 raised before crowdfunder fees.

In 2022 we partnered with the amazing charity Donate 4 Refugees, who are providing us with a charity bank account. and enable us to fundraise using Tiltify.

Help us make #GATHE2022 a success by signing up today. 

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#GATHE2022 is live!

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